Some comments from some of our very satisfied Randomaths users:

I am a Year Two teacher who uses Randomaths regularly for practice sheets and assessment tasks. It is extremely useful because it saves time having to find numerous differing sheets to reinforce a particular focus area that I have taught the students.  I have a number of students in my class who finish their work quickly. I often struggle to find time to search for challenging sheets that satisfy their enthusiasm for learning. Randomaths suits my needs because it is extremely easy to follow the directions to produce a completely new sheet, print it off and distribute to students.  Randomaths is a time efficient way of providing early finishers with work and/ or assessing students' understanding of concepts I have taught because I am able to print off the answer sheet for each worksheet it produces. This allows my students to mark their own work or mark their peers' work. The answer sheets also allow me to quickly mark their work and monitor progress while avoiding having to take this work home to mark.     

   -   L. Chick, Brisbane.

I have been using Randomaths sheets since I began teaching six years ago.  It is a wonderful tool to help students learn their basic maths facts in a non-threatening way.  Every morning my year 7 students complete as many of the maths facts as they can in 100 seconds.  Following this I call out the answers, which are provided for you with this program, and the students mark their own work.  Once a week they then calculate their average and plot their weekly scores on their individual graph.  Student who struggle with basic facts are really supported with this program. They do not feel threatened from having their work seen by anyone else but themselves and a teacher and they gain a sense of achievement when they see their scores rise each week in their graph.  Students remind me daily to do our ritual 100-second test whenever I forget.  

One of the benefits of this program is that it is so simple to use.  All you need to do is open the file you want and a new question sheet and answer sheet are on the screen.  I have introduced this program to a number of my teaching partners in the two schools I have taught in and all of them are still using it today. 

  -   Leanne Morton, Brisbane.

Randomaths has been such a useful program for me to use when creating homework
sheets that reinforce concepts taught in class, as well as provide students with the
practice they require to master basic math facts. My students enjoy timing
themselves on the basic facts, which can be done easily with this program on a
weekly basis. Its ease of use is the greatest highlight, especially when there is
such limited time to spend putting worksheets together myself. Having the answer
page for each sheet makes marking so much easier, and this can be done in class as a
whole group, or by the students themselves. There is a great range of concepts
covered by Randomaths that span across the early years to middle school years.
Thanks for such a terrific tool to help promote learning in Mathematics. 
- Janet Teo, Ferny Grove.


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