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The Product 

The product is  

The Randomaths 'basic' SD Card is a Mathematics Blackline Master Generator that consists of over 400 different Mathematics Activity Sheet Templates. 

Each of the templates is able to reproduce itself into a magnitude of different activity sheets through the use of randomly generated values.

This means that the Randomaths 'basic' SD Card is capable of producing literally billions upon billions of different activity sheets. The exact number of different sheets is in excess of 1 x 10^324. That is more than:


different sheets

There is not enough paper in the world to print out all the different activity sheets this SD Card could produce.

This pretty much makes Randomaths the Master of all Mathematics Blackline Masters.

Each activity sheet template consists of a Question Sheet and an Answer Sheet with matching Identification Numbers. Photocopy the Question Sheet to suit the needs of your class and use the Answer Sheet to mark their work.

Randomaths was designed by a practising primary school teacher to be used in the teaching of Mathematics.

Randomaths is a convenient, effective and extremely inexpensive way of storing and producing a large range of Mathematics Blackline Masters.

Randomaths Activity Sheet Templates are *Microsoft Excel spreadsheet files and therefore require that *Microsoft Excel be installed on your computer.


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*The Randomaths basic CD does not contain Microsoft Excel. However Randomaths basic files are only accessible through Microsoft Excel.