How to Generate New Activity Sheets   

Step 1:     On inserting the Randomaths SD Card into the SD card slot on your computer, a window will automatically open up.

                (If not, manually select open folder to view files. In this window, you will notice all of the Topic Area Icons and a HELP! Icon.





Step 2:    From the list of icons, select the Topic Area of your choice and open it by clicking (twice) with your

                mouse on the icon. This will open a window with a list of all the Activity Sheet Templates under the

                Topic Area subheading. Each template in the list will appear in a form similar to the following




Step 3:    From this list, select the Activity Sheet Template of your choice and open it by clicking (twice) with

                your mouse on the icon. This will open a brand new Activity Sheet and corresponding Answer

                Sheet on your screen (in Microsoft Excel)


Step 4:    To print these sheets, select PRINT from the menu bar.

                This will print out a Question Sheet and an Answer Sheet with a

                corresponding identification number.

To generate another version of this Activity Sheet right away, follow step 4 before printing again. Otherwise close the file and a new sheet will be generated when it is reopened.



Step 5:    If you wish to generate another version of this activity sheet, (i.e. the same sheet but with different

                values, simply select COPY from the menu bar, then select PASTE. (You should notice that a number

                of changes have been made to the sheet. You have just generated another version of the Activity




                Make sure that the upper-left-most cell is highlighted. (It will be when the sheet is first opened.)

                This is indicated on the diagram below: 







To create a different Activity Sheet altogether, repeat from step 1, selecting a different Activity Sheet

Template file.